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      Eco-Friendly Pest Control

      Ant and Pest Control - Available in Orange County and San Diego County

      eco friendly pest controlGopher Patrol is proud to offer Eco-Friendly options when it comes to ant and pest control. Our skilled        technicians can provide botanical insecticide treatments to take care of those ants and bugs inside or outside of your home.

      With our monthly pest control sprays you can have safe and effective service and keep ant activity to a minimum. Call our helpful office staff today to sign up for Eco-Friendly Pest Control!

      Gopher Control - Available in all Counties

      gopher trapsAt Gopher Patrol we have been fighting to make our customers’ lawns, flowerbeds, slopes and landscaped areas gopher free now for over 15 years. Gopher Trapping allows for us to get rid of gophers on your property without using gasses or poison baits. Our skilled technicians have been trained on not only how to stop gophers immediately but on how to keep the infestation to a minimum. With our Monthly Service Plans you can be relieved in knowing that Gopher Patrol is on the job and striving to make your lawn the most beautiful on your block. We have developed a tried and true method for eradicating gophers.

      Rodent Control - Available in all Counties

      rat trapsRodents are not only a  nuisance but can be hazardous to your health, as well as causing damage to wires and cables, etc. Gopher Patrol can stop rodents from getting into your home all without using any poison! With exclusion, trapping, and glue boards you can be confident that Gopher Patrol can help.

      At Gopher Patrol we want to get to the root of your rat problem. The only way to stop these rodents for good is to cut off the point of entry into your home or attic. Our trained technicians will find all entry points and seal them off to avoid any future infestation. Once that is done we set traps and monitor them on a weekly basis until your rodent problem is no more.